Through fund raising, Lambda Foundation arranges and facilitates endowed university scholarships for outstanding student research on the issues and concerns of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) peoples. Thanks to the generosity of Jack Hallam, we also have a human rights award at Gulf Islands Secondary School on Salt Spring Island, BC in recognition of youth leadership in anti-bullying campaigns and other initiatives. Lambda Foundation sponsors each scholarship and award according to specific fund management agreements with our partnering educational institutions.

  • Award winning Lambda research covers many fields and topics. Recent recipients have been doing outstanding work on, for example:
  • Comparative LGBTI rights in the Caribbean
  • The effects of Russia's anti-gay laws on the LGBTI people there; and Canadian news coverage of LGBTI issues at the Sochi Olympics
  • Humour and sexuality in Indigenous artwork
  • The effects of eugenics on the lives of Intersex people
  • Homophobia and transphobia on Youtube